Saturday, December 1, 2012

Feeling Centered

I just finished Deepak Chopra's 21 day meditation and what a difference it has made in my outlook on life. I feel centered and in tune with my destiny. I know that I'm attracting abundance everyday and that I'm in tune with the universal truth. Abundance can mean good health, having friends, family and prosperity. The universal truth is that what we give to the universe comes back to us. If we practice love and giving then this comes back to us. If we practice negativity and mistrust that's what we attract.

What are you attracting in your life? Are you showing love and peace with an attitude of giving? Or, are you attracting something else in life? Are you living life with a sense of gratitude and appreciation? What we meditate on flows out in the universe and comes back to us.

Be loving and you will receive love. Be grateful and you will receive gratitude. Be generous and it will rebound to you. Got it? Good. Now go out there and do good.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Do The Impossible

I watched David Blaine, master magician and illusionist today on TV. He is exceptionally good. He lived in a bubble filled with water for several days then held his breath for over 7 minutes and slipped out of hand cuffs before they let him out. Didn't seem possible but it looked real. He walks around New York astounding pedestrians with his magic and slight of hand.

What's really possible in our lifetime? Did anyone really think we would be living with laptop computers and smart phones 25 years ago? Fifty years ago people were happy just to watch color TVs. We're living in the age of the Jetsons. We can actually phone people and see them on iphones and computers as we speak to them. So what else is possible? I've heard there will be trips to the moon and flying cars within 15 years. Wow! Really?

It's said that the spiritual masters can levitate. What acrobats and contortionists do with their bodies is amazing. And those olympians push their bodies to the limit. Are we entering a phase of existence when anything is possible, nothing is impossible? Makes me wonder. How many times have you been told that you couldn't do something and it made you want to do it just to prove that you could.

Don't let anyone tell you that something is not possible. I believe in the impossible, divine intervention and amazing grace. Spielberg, many writers and actors did not give up. They persevered to the end to make it. That's all it takes-perseverance, talent, drive and an unwavering will to succeed.

Decide to do the impossible!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


After watching Oprah's life class today about forgiveness it really made me think. Who do I need to forgive who I haven't forgiven yet? Is that anger or hostility keeping me from moving forward in my life? That former boss who wouldn't promote me, that boyfriend who cheated on me, the friend who betrayed a confidence, the relative who talked about me behind my back, are now forgiven.  I realize now that forgiveness is what I need to progress. It's for me, not them. They all could care less about it.

Why do we spend so much energy on BS? Why do we hold onto the bad experiences instead of focusing on the present and planning for the future?  It doesn't make sense, does it? Okay, so stop doing it!! Plan for a glorious, fabulous future. Set that vision in your mind and make it happen. It's a known fact that what we focus on, we take action to create.

Time is ticking and you're not getting any younger so forgive all your haters and embrace the benevolent people in your life now.   Move into your future and destiny asap!

Friday, June 22, 2012

What's Holding You Back?

Is there an inner voice holding you back from your dreams? Are you sabotaging your efforts by procrastinating or watching t.v.? Are you hanging out with friends when you should be working toward your dreams or goals? We all do it but as long as you admit that it's a problem, then you can correct it.

Everyone has dreams but accomplishing those dreams takes concrete action steps. In order to get that dream job, take that trip around the world or help the less fortunate, you must have a plan and a time table for making it all operational.

Achieving worthwhile goals takes determination, drive and focus. Look at our olympic athletes, how hard they work just to make the team. The sacrifices they make are incredible. So, what are you waiting for? Your future is before you.

Ready, set, go!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Live Adventurously

Life is short. If  you get 50 years, it's a blessing. If  you make it to your 80's or 90's you've beat the odds. As I grow older I think more about the bucket list and what I want to accomplish before I die. I've never been an extremely adventurous person - never dreamed of skydiving or bungee jumping.
I'm beginning to have some regrets though. Why didn't I travel as a college student when I had the opportunity to do so for almost nothing? Why did I stay on jobs I hated for as long as I did? Why didn't I follow my passion sooner?

Fear of failure or the unknown?  Insecurity? Not willing to take a risk? Probably some combination of all this, I suppose.

But now that the years behind me are gaining on the number of years left in my life, I wonder about what's held me back. It wasn't a former husband or family member. It was me and my inability to trod down a risky path. Life is so fleeting and not guaranteed. No one knows the exact moment of their last day on earth. Why waste time doing something you don't enjoy or that bores you? Even if you fail there will be satisfaction in the effort or trying. There won't be regrets later in life.

Go for it! Live life! Try something you never tried before - a trip to a foreign place, a job that's different than anything else you've ever done. Even if it's just to try new cuisine or drive a different route, wallow in the experience. A wide grin may emerge on your face as you discover something new.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Will Be, Will Be

Life is full of ups and downs and surprises. This was a trying week for me but as I eventually calmed down and realized I was doing all I could, I exhaled and released my anxiety into the universe. What will be will be. I think the saying is let go and let God. We cannot control everything that happens to us.

Friends will come and go but a few may be with you a lifetime. There will be times of wonderment as in the birth of a child or a stroke of good fortune at the gambling table. There will be disappointments and challenges. So we persevere, knowing that good times will roll again. A relationship may fizzle but maybe that's so a greater love can enter your life. A job may not work out but then you find a better one. You may wonder how you're going to make it financially through the week or month then a windfall or  job offer lands in your lap.

Follow your dreams, keep pushing and know that the journey is worth it. Believe in yourself and your goals will become easier to reach. Stay positive even in the midst of dire situations and see what the universe brings you.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Spring is here and summer's just around the corner. On this beautiful Sunday I ventured out to Atlanta's Dogwood Festival along with hundreds of other people. I remember going years ago when there weren't as many people or traffic. Today after battling the cars and bumping into dozens of people I wonder if it was even worth it. This festival is free and that's why so many people show up with their lovers, spouses and kids. Where else can you go see Roberta Flack free in concert?

Growing up in Los Angeles I don't remember too many things being free. The only place you could go for free were the malls and beaches and you had plenty to choose from - Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu. I have to admit that I miss the ocean breezes and the calming effect of the waves. I miss the year-round warm weather but for every advantage there's a price to pay.  L.A. is a very expensive place to live and that's the main reason I moved to Atlanta. Plus, there's a black history here that's indisputable. My daughter was exposed to Battle of the Bands and the historical black colleges here that did not exist in Los Angeles.  I feel honored to walk on the same grounds as Dr. Martin Luther King and his father, to be able to visit the college (Morehouse) he graduated from. Though I get to L.A. several times during the year I am proud to call Atlanta my adopted home.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The More You Try the Easier It Becomes

I understand the saying, "opportunity is when luck meets experience". The more I write the easier it becomes. The more I network the more I get out of it. The more I help others the more help I receive. Getting the theme here?

Whatever it is you're trying to do - finish school, become an attorney or nurse or teacher or actor just keep getting better. Keep learning, growing and putting your stuff out there and you will move toward your goal and eventually, have some success. I believe this is the way the universe works. But we cannot be selfish about it. Don't get involved just to benefit yourself. Give whatever knowledge and information you can to help others. Share your skills with others and others will share their contacts and inside information with you.

"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Remember this golden rule? It still applies. If more people would do this there would be less war and more peace on Earth.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Did you notice that the second month of 2012 is almost over? Time is flying folks. Are you on track for accomplishing what you want this year? Are you keeping track of your efforts, wins and losses? If not better get with it.

I saw Safe House and wow, what a movie. Denzel has got to be one of the best actors of our generation and is still bringing it. But great actors never lose their edge. Look at Robert Deniro, Meryl Streep. Talent like theirs never gets old.

I know what my goals are, am moving forward on my plan of action. Should be interesting to see how things play out this year for me. I'm still reeling from Whitney's death but life continues on for the rest of us. She will be missed and loved always, just like Amy Winehouse and Etta James and Michael Jackson.

Life is not guaranteed people. None of us know when the grim reaper will come knocking at our door so get out there, be bold, grab that dream and don't let go. It's on for real. Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Friday, January 6, 2012


I've made some resolutions for 2012.  One of the top ten resolutions that everyone makes is to lose weight and save money. Guess I'm no different because I've started off with a new exercise routine. ...zumba. It's great and what a work out! I'm dropping at least one size and am gonna get back in those skinny jeans this year. Oh, it's so on! Another resolution is to write something every day, not every other day, not twice a week but something every day even if it's just one scene or for fifteen minutes.

Hope you follow through with any resolutions you make. Otherwise, what's the point? I mean, who are you fooling? Life is short and each year it gets shorter so make the most of it. Set your goals, write them down and follow through. Sounds simpler than it is, I know but if you're serious you will be very proud of yourself at the end of the year when you assess what you accomplished.

I will be doing a lot of networking and making new friends and that I look forward to.  I resolve that 2012  will be a great year!