Sunday, April 22, 2012


Spring is here and summer's just around the corner. On this beautiful Sunday I ventured out to Atlanta's Dogwood Festival along with hundreds of other people. I remember going years ago when there weren't as many people or traffic. Today after battling the cars and bumping into dozens of people I wonder if it was even worth it. This festival is free and that's why so many people show up with their lovers, spouses and kids. Where else can you go see Roberta Flack free in concert?

Growing up in Los Angeles I don't remember too many things being free. The only place you could go for free were the malls and beaches and you had plenty to choose from - Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu. I have to admit that I miss the ocean breezes and the calming effect of the waves. I miss the year-round warm weather but for every advantage there's a price to pay.  L.A. is a very expensive place to live and that's the main reason I moved to Atlanta. Plus, there's a black history here that's indisputable. My daughter was exposed to Battle of the Bands and the historical black colleges here that did not exist in Los Angeles.  I feel honored to walk on the same grounds as Dr. Martin Luther King and his father, to be able to visit the college (Morehouse) he graduated from. Though I get to L.A. several times during the year I am proud to call Atlanta my adopted home.