Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Love The Movies

I love the movies! Who doesn't want an escape once in a while, especially in these trying times? Last movie I saw was Dream House (didn't like it) and before that I saw In Time with Justin Timberlake (loved it). Also saw Horrible Bosses which was hysterical! The movies are so interesting now and it just goes to show how creative and different screenwriting has to be to get noticed. The story must be different or told in a unique way with an unusual twist.

We screenwriters have our work cut out for us. We must create fascinating characters, tell a unique story and provide a glorious journey and adventure for the viewer as they become immersed in the film. A writer must take every opportunity to be unique, quirky, funny and dramatic. Otherwise you're dead meat in the water. The great movies inspire me and the bad ones convince me that I can make it in this industry. I just have to work hard, keep networking and be patient.

Joel Osteen preached last week about not worrying about out defeats and challenges. Everything that happens is for our ultimate good and I've seen that in my life. There were jobs I didn't get and then found out that most of the employees were laid off later on.  People have taken advantage of me but taught me to be wiser and less gullible. I've had jobs I hated but being patient and learning at those positions allowed me to obtain experience and sharpen skills that led to better jobs.

So, when things don't turn out the way you had wished, don't fret. Just remember that you are to learn something or grow from the experience for bigger and better opportunities. Don't dwell on past disappointments but march forward to what lies ahead.