Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Will Be, Will Be

Life is full of ups and downs and surprises. This was a trying week for me but as I eventually calmed down and realized I was doing all I could, I exhaled and released my anxiety into the universe. What will be will be. I think the saying is let go and let God. We cannot control everything that happens to us.

Friends will come and go but a few may be with you a lifetime. There will be times of wonderment as in the birth of a child or a stroke of good fortune at the gambling table. There will be disappointments and challenges. So we persevere, knowing that good times will roll again. A relationship may fizzle but maybe that's so a greater love can enter your life. A job may not work out but then you find a better one. You may wonder how you're going to make it financially through the week or month then a windfall or  job offer lands in your lap.

Follow your dreams, keep pushing and know that the journey is worth it. Believe in yourself and your goals will become easier to reach. Stay positive even in the midst of dire situations and see what the universe brings you.