Friday, February 17, 2012


Did you notice that the second month of 2012 is almost over? Time is flying folks. Are you on track for accomplishing what you want this year? Are you keeping track of your efforts, wins and losses? If not better get with it.

I saw Safe House and wow, what a movie. Denzel has got to be one of the best actors of our generation and is still bringing it. But great actors never lose their edge. Look at Robert Deniro, Meryl Streep. Talent like theirs never gets old.

I know what my goals are, am moving forward on my plan of action. Should be interesting to see how things play out this year for me. I'm still reeling from Whitney's death but life continues on for the rest of us. She will be missed and loved always, just like Amy Winehouse and Etta James and Michael Jackson.

Life is not guaranteed people. None of us know when the grim reaper will come knocking at our door so get out there, be bold, grab that dream and don't let go. It's on for real. Life is not a dress rehearsal.

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