Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Live Adventurously

Life is short. If  you get 50 years, it's a blessing. If  you make it to your 80's or 90's you've beat the odds. As I grow older I think more about the bucket list and what I want to accomplish before I die. I've never been an extremely adventurous person - never dreamed of skydiving or bungee jumping.
I'm beginning to have some regrets though. Why didn't I travel as a college student when I had the opportunity to do so for almost nothing? Why did I stay on jobs I hated for as long as I did? Why didn't I follow my passion sooner?

Fear of failure or the unknown?  Insecurity? Not willing to take a risk? Probably some combination of all this, I suppose.

But now that the years behind me are gaining on the number of years left in my life, I wonder about what's held me back. It wasn't a former husband or family member. It was me and my inability to trod down a risky path. Life is so fleeting and not guaranteed. No one knows the exact moment of their last day on earth. Why waste time doing something you don't enjoy or that bores you? Even if you fail there will be satisfaction in the effort or trying. There won't be regrets later in life.

Go for it! Live life! Try something you never tried before - a trip to a foreign place, a job that's different than anything else you've ever done. Even if it's just to try new cuisine or drive a different route, wallow in the experience. A wide grin may emerge on your face as you discover something new.

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