Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back From Paradise

I understand why Hawaii is referred to as paradise. It was heavenly....beautiful weather and people. Had a great celebration with my dad, husband and two brothers. The weather was perfect and every evening there was a cool ocean breeze. Everyone's in a relaxed mode and even the birds are chillin'.  They will walk right up to you, aren't afraid of anyone.  City birds won't do this.

The week of celebration and fun made up for the 9 hour flight from Atlanta. One night we went up to Trump Tower, watched fireworks explode over an incredible Waikiki nighttime skyline.

Waikiki is the tourist trap, bustling with skinny bodies in bikinis, vendors hawking everything Hawaiian, designer shops and eateries. I only planned to buy a few things but ended up spending way too much money on stuff that I probably won't use in Atlanta.

I hated saying Aloha to Honolulu but know I'll return again.

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