Wednesday, October 5, 2011


We were all placed on this earth to do something. Whether it's teaching, medicine, acting, writing or helping others in some way, God wants us to make a difference in the lives of others. Some find their purpose early and others find out later in life. The point is to find your purpose, follow that path and be happy. We are tiny specks of sand in the universe and here for just a minute before our light is  extinquished so whatever it is you are to do, just do it! Embrace the journey, have a good time and vow to have few regrets.

I believe regrets are a waste of time. You can't change or undo what's happened so what is the point of regretting something? Everything happens for a reason whether it's to teach us a lesson, help us grow,  build character or humble us. Get the lesson and move on.  Again, embrace the journey.

Go see the movie "Contagion".  Believe me it will change your perspective about how fragile life is. Those victims caught a virus and died within five days. Doctors say this can and ultimately will happen one day. It's all very scary, folks. Enjoy a full life and embrace your journey.

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